Hi everyone!

Lately, we’ve been thinking about how lucky we are. We have loving families, enough money, friends and basically anything we could wish for. And still, we find ourselves being unhappy and discontent with our lives quite often. So we decided to write a list with different things we want to do in order to become happier.

Focus on our blog

We think that for us it is really important to have something to do in your free time that is still kind of productive. That way you can do something that you love without feeling like you’ve achieved nothing. We decided to just put lots of effort into our blog, but essentially this could be anything that you enjoy doing.

Fake it until we make it

This one pretty much explains itself, but what we mean specifically is that, for example, we try to smile while walking somewhere because we feel like that always changes our mood for the better. We also want to do lots of exciting things and not just stay inside in front of our computers the whole time.

Always have something to get excited about

Last week we went to a Troye Sivan concert. It was something we were both really excited about and had been looking forward to it for months. For these past months it was always something we could think about to lift our moods. However, after the concert we noticed that we got quite sad and disappointed that it was over. We therefore decided that we always want to have something to look forward to, and already plan a new thing before the first one is over, in order to avoid that “now it’s over”-feeling.


Make an effort and choose to be happy

For this one I put a reminder in my phone that tells me every morning to try to be happy. We just want to make sure that we choose happiness over anything else and always make an effort to see the positive aspects in all things.


Be okay with being sad every once in a while

Just because we want to try to be happier does not mean that we can’t be sad ever, just as Meredith once said “Not everyone can be happy all the time. That’s not mental health – that’s crap”.  We completely agree with her there and think that it’s really important to acknowledge that everyone is sad every once in a while and that this is totally okay.

Talk about our feelings

We think that in order to be happy, you have to talk about what’s going on inside you and not bottle it up. Whether it’s things that annoy us that could be changed easily or any worries that we might have: talking usually makes it better. In German we have a saying called “Geteiltes Leid ist halbes Leid” which translates to “Shared suffering is half the suffering”, which I always found to be true.


Be kind to ourselves

The next really big thing that we have on our list is being kind to ourselves. As so many people have said before us, if you said any of the things you tell yourself every day to any of your friend, you’d lose all of them veeeery quickly. This means we really have to stop putting ourselves down over stupid things, like saying something dumb accidentally, or not working out for a day. We’re trying our best and that is more than enough.

Do things that make us happy even if we’re bad at it

For example, I (Caroline) really like singing and drawing and in general doing kind of creative things. Unfortunately, I’m just really not good at any of them, which often stops me from doing them. And we think that this has to stop. Just because we don’t excel at something doesn’t mean we can’t do it just to have fun. 

Yes, this is a crochet apple
Yes, this is a crochet apple in case you were wondering…

Be healthy

In order to feel good mentally, you also have to feel good physically. So we think that we should try to eat relatively healthy, work out and drink lots of water. But what’s really important about this point is that we in no way want to pressurize ourselves about being healthy. If we really want that doughnut, then we want to be able to eat it without feeling guilty. This point is about just being aware of our health and trying to make good choices and in no way about being perfect.


Don’t put pressure on ourselves

This kind of relates to some other points above, like being kind to ourselves, but this is more specifically about not putting pressure on ourselves. Whether it is about always getting perfect grades, or always being liked by everyone, or anything else, it’s important to be aware that it’s okay to be imperfect. It’s fine. It happens. We can’t let ourselves be brought down because we have insanely high expectations of ourselves.

Be ok with who we are

I (Helena) have often tried to be like others. This might be a person I know in real life or some celebrity. I googled stuff like “how to be like Cara Delevingne” or “how to dress like Taylor Swift” and I realized that this won’t help me feel better about myself. As Gloria Gaynor says: I am who I am. I don’t need to change to feel better about myself or to please others (especially not to please others), but I need to accept myself the way I am. We both struggle with self-confidence from time to time, but I think we are on the right track to change that.


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Caroline and Helena

Our Bucket List

Hi everyone!

A few months ago we randomly decided to write a bucket list with activities to do together. Some things are very simple, like number twelve, others much bigger, as number one. At first we wanted to achieve all of those things within a year, but since Caroline will move to England and Helena will stay in Switzerland we decided to give up our time limit. We are really excited to go on all these big and small adventures together! In order to have a little memory of every point, we decide to take a Polaroid picture every time we did something from the list.

We have already started doing some of the things and it is really nice going through all the Polaroids we have taken. It might seem a little unnecessary to take Polaroid pictures, when normal pictures taken with a camera or phone, do the same job and are cheaper, but the photos taken with Polaroid cameras just seem more special than ordinary ones. Obviously it is not necessary to take pictures of all the activities, but we thought it was a nice little thing to add and later on have a look at. We will now stop rambling and show you our bucket list and maybe it will inspire you to write your own.

  1. Travel trough Ireland
  2. Get accepted into uni
  3. Go camping
  4. Do Christmas crafts
  5. Make a video for our blog
  6. Go to an art gallery
  7. Do a Colour Run
  8. Demonstrate for something we care about
  9. Go geocaching
  10. Send a letter to  a stranger
  11. Volunteer
  12. Dance barefoot in the rain
  13. Make flower crowns
  14. Send a message in a bottle
  15. Go to a Troye Sivan concert
  16. Paint Easter eggs
  17. Just board random trains for a day and explore whatever city we end up in
  18. Bake something fancy
  19. Visit a Christmas market
  20. Go to a haunted house
  21. Carve pumpkins
  22. Hand in our final paper
  23. Go hiking in winter
  24. Make a fire
  25. Have a summer picnic
  26. Have an English afternoon tea with scones
  27. Pass our Matura
  28. Have a Grey’s Anatomy party
  29. Spend a whole day doing artsy stuff
  30. See a play
  31. Cut our hair

Thanks for reading and please comment the things that are on your bucket list! We might feel inspired to add things to ours :).

Take care,

Caroline and Helena


Hi everyone!

Over the past few weeks, we realized that we were not happy with our blog and our posts. We never had time to put enough effort in waldlichtungen to produce content that we were proud of. So we decided that we had to make some changes.

Since we finish high school in a month and our lives will change quite dramatically over the next year, we thought it might be interesting to talk about our new experiences, specifically starting uni and moving to a new country. Therefore we will try to write diary-style posts about once a week. They will cover topics like new friends, studying, different cultures, traveling and whatever else happens in our lives. This does not mean that we will never again write about fashion, beauty and food, it just means that these kind of posts will become rarer as we will only be able to do them when we see each other.

More specifically these changes will be that Helena will go to the University of Zurich in Switzerland and Caroline will move to the south of Sweden with her family and then go to Oxford University in England.

This blog is not meant to be a guide for starting uni or anything else, but rather a collection of our experiences and feelings.

We are quite anxious about all the admittedly also pretty exciting things happening in the near future, but we’ll just take it one week (and post) at a time and hope to take many of you along for the ride.

We hope that these changes will turn our blog into something we are proud of and we have fun working on.

Thanks for reading!

Take care,

Caroline & Helena




Spring favourites

Hi everyone!

It’s spring (complete with snow here in Switzerland…)! That means it’s time for another one of our favourites.


Lately, I (Caroline) have been obsessed with most things sixties/seventies. I read a lot about the political movements during the Vietnam War period and I think it was amazing how many people were involved in the fight against the horrible war. The music that was written during that time still inspires me to fight in what I believe in. Two of my favourites are I-feel-like-I’m-fixing-to-die-rag by Country Joe and the Fish and An Open Letter to Dad by Marceline.
I also love the seventies hairstyles as well as some of the fashion staples such as the a-line skirts and flowery designs.


Polaroid Camera

We both bought a Polaroid camera at the beginning of last summer. Taking pictures of memorable moments and beautiful landscapes has been really nice and then seeing it on your wall in your room is wonderful. I, Helena, usually take them when I am travelling. So I haven’t taken many photos yet, but I think that this also makes them more special. I love looking at them and remembering the lovely moments.
We also wrote a bucket list, about which we will also write a post, and want to take a Polaroid photo every time we do something on it.IMG_4658

Blue Neighborhood by Troye Sivan

If you haven’t listened to this album, go and do so right now! We both absolutely love this album and Troye’s music in general. His music is really nice alternative pop and the lyrics make you want to cry because they are so sad and beautiful. Our favourites are TALK ME DOWN, FOOLS and HEAVEN (it was really hard to choose our top 3!). He also has YouTube videos explaining why he wrote some of the songs and they are so beautiful, and so sad and so amazing. We are also so excited to go see him in a week!


Daniel Wellington Watch

I, Helena, got this watch for my birthday a couple of months ago and I have been loving it since then. I wanted a simple and elegant watch and loved the design of Daniel Wellington. I chose the rose gold version with the black leather wristband, basically because goes with all of my clothing (because I own nearly only black, blue and grey clothes).

I, Caroline, got one for Christmas last year. I chose a gold version with an alternative face style and a brown leather band. I love that they have that kind of preppy vibe, without being uncool. I think they are great accessories that just make every outfit look a bit better.


We weren’t sure whether to include this in our list, because the relationship we have with Netflix is one that we’d describe as love/hate. We obviously love relaxing while watching any movie or TV series that we like with just one click. It’s really good value for money. What we don’t like is how much easier it makes for us to procrastinate for hours. But after all, the procrastinating is our fault, not Netflix’s, so it ended up making our favourites list!


Messy Half Up-do

Since we cut our hair short, this has been the easiest method to keep it out of our faces. Just take the upper parts of hair back and fix it with a hair tie on top of your head. We usually leave it in a “ponytail” but you can also make a bun for example.
This hairstyle is great because it is easy, doesn’t take much time to do and keeps your hair out of your face, which is great for school, uni or work.

Braided Hair Band

Whenever I want to look a bit more put-together, but still have my hair out of my face, I opt for a braided hair band. It’s easy and quick, but still looks really special. I just take the front part of my hair (basically may would-be fringe if I had one), put the rest in a ponytail, and start French- or Dutch-braiding the hair. I finish in a normal braid and put it underneath my other hair with a bobby pin, so that the pin and the end of the braid is hidden. It then looks as if you have a hair band made out of your own braided hair.

Boyfriend/Girlfriend Jeans

Something we’ve been loving so, so much this spring is boyfriend/girlfriend jeans (it’s finally warm enough to wear ripped jeans again! Yay). They’re big and comfy and easy to style. It might be a bit unflattering at times, but it feels like wearing pjs to school while still looking cool and edgy, and that just trumps all other arguments.

Left: H&M, right: Zara

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Helena & Caroline xx

School outfits

Hi everyone!

Sorry that once again we were inactive for so long. We are still really struggling with coordinating school, uni stuff (like applications etc.), practice, music lessons and our blog, especially for taking pictures. It takes ages to find a nice spot to take them and then we have to bring all the clothes, camera and make-up to then take pictures. It takes up at least a day, and it is hard to find a day where we are both completely free. Anyway, enough with the complaining, and let’s get to it!

The outfits today are just two very easy and quick looks without too many accessories and so on. We wear them exactly like this on a normal day to school.

Outfit 1


This is just an easy everyday outfit for school or uni. I love the dark green, blue and black in this outfit and think it looks put together while still being comfortable. The shirt and jacket are from Zara, the jeans are h&m, the shoes are Tommy Hilfiger and the bag (dark blue, which you cant really see) is from Longchamp.
I am absolutely in love with the jacket since it has this classy, elegant cut and reminds me of the Parisian style, which I absolutely love.


The shirt is really soft and I love it because even though it has a casual vibe the cut is quite classy. You can wear it tucked into your skirt or trousers or wear it over them, and you can also roll up the sleeves if you want to. This piece is great to dress up or down how you want. It’s also one of the things that just give me a confidence boost whenever I wear it. It just makes me feel cool and slightly edgy, and sometimes that’s all you need to get through a day at school.


Outfit 2


This outfit is also quite casual but a little bit more preppy than the first one. The T-shirt, jacket and scarf are from Zara, the skirt and tights are from H&M and the shoes are from Ochsner Shoes. We forgot it in the picture, but I did pair this outfit with a grey Longchamp bag.

I find that wearing a skirt just always makes it seem like you care (even if you’re just too tired to really do so). It just makes you look cute and put-together. Paired with the black and white cropped tee, it seems like a well planned cute outfit, even though it literally took a minute to plan and put on.

The jacket is great for the Swiss winter because it keeps you warm and has a fake fur lining, which is really soft. And it has a big hood, which is great when you want to keep your head warm. It’s also amazing when it is snowing heavily because it’s really big so you can pull it down really far to your face and the snow won’t ruin your hair and makeup.

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Helena and Caroline

How to Survive Being Ill – 6 Tips

Autumn has started! both getting really excited But this also means we get ill more easily. And being ill is the worst! But we tried to come up with six tips to make the whole recovering process such a little less.


We all know that sleep is a very important part of recovering from being ill. It really helps to get back on your feet. So when you are ill, use the time to recover from your sleep deprivation. You will probably also feel better after a couple of hours of sleep. And also don’t stress too mich about work you still have to do. There is no point in forcing your body to keep going on when you are poorly and really too weak to do anything. The quality of your work will suffer and in the long run it is better to just take a break, get healthy and then work again with full force.

Get comfy

Stay in bed, put on comfy clothing, fuzzy socks and a big jumper, add loads of blankets and pillows and take a warm hot-water bottle. Since it is the best to stay in bed and sleep you can also make the healing process as comfy as possible by adding all of those things. And keep the warmth in your bed.


It is finally autumn and this means blankets and tea. Whenever I (Helena) am ill, I love to drink tea and add a lot honey since it helps with a sore throat (I finally have an excuse to add way too much honey ;)!). I (Caroline) drink tea all the time anyway, but obviously also when I am ill. I think this might be placebo effect, but for me tea definitely makes everything better, even headaches and stuffy noses.

Netflix and food

When you are not sleeping, you can watch movies on Netflix, watch YouTube videos and eat. I personally prefer rather healthy food or fruit rather than junk food when I am ill, but it is up to you what you want to eat. My grandmother used to serve me oranges with lots of sugar when I was ill as a child and I still love to eat this. Oranges also contain a lot of vitamins, which help rebuilding your immune system. I (Caroline) am usually not very hungry when I am ill. And not eating that much might be fine for the first one or two days, but then your body needs the nutrition to get better. My favourite “ill-food” is soup. I love to eat alphabet soup because it really reminds me of when I was little and it just tastes really good. I also really like tomato soup. The good thing about soup is that you can make it a salty or mild as you want and I really like that.

Complain about everything

One of the perks of being ill is definitely complaining! We both love complaining (obviously just about silly stuff and for fun, we know how fortunate we are), so being ill is the perfect excuse. You can tell your friends how much your head hurts, how bored you are, how lame that TV show was you watched this morning because you had nothing better to do and so on and so on… And they pretty much have to feel sorry for you because you’re ill and all.

Quality time 

When we are ill, we both like having people around. Not only does this make being confined to your bed a bit less boring, but given they do not have too much to do, it gives you the possibility to catch up with them and just have some time together. Also when you’re ill (but not feeling too horrible) you can use all that extra time to write emails to long forgotten friends or call your best friend from primary school that you have not seen for ages. Also, you can totally get away with ordering people around when you’re ill.


Hope you get better soon!

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Helena and Caroline

(Healthy) Cookies

For about 50 (rather small) cookies

300 g flour
50 g ground hazelnuts
100 g oats
80 g raisins
3 bananas
1 egg
200 g chocolate (we used dark chocolate, but you can use whichever one you prefer)
A big handful of dried plums
150 g butter
5 tablespoons applesauce


The great thing about these cookies is that they’re really quick and easy to make.

Preheat your oven to 200° C (392° F). XXXXX

You start off by putting the dried plums in some water to make them softer. While they are soaking, you can already purée the bananas. this can either be done with a fork or with a mixer, but since you have to smash the plums as well we recommend a mixer. Like we said, the next step is to also mix the plums with the bananas so that you get a (slightly weird looking) brownish sauce that provides the sweetness for your cookies. Then you just have to add all ingredients, besides the chocolate and the raisins, and mix them well. Next, you have to cut the chocolate into relatively small pieces and then add it as well as the raisins. Then just give it a quick stir, and don’t over mix the batter.


Lastly, you just have to put them on a baking tray and let them bake for ten minutes.





Night out – OOTD

As it is finally warmer here in Switzerland, it is possible to wear dresses, even for a night out! The outfits we want to show you today are both for events that require you to be a bit more dressed up than usual. We hope you enjoy!


The first outfit is really girly, but still quite cool in my opinion and a bit more on the casual side. The dress is from H&M and a real statement piece because of  the pattern, which I (Caroline) love. It shows different gemstones in different colours on a black background. From far away it looks like a normal floral pattern, but when you come closer you can make out the different gemstones. I love it! The shape of the dress is quite simple since it is a skater style dress, but the neoprene material and the pattern make it a special and cool, but not too elegant outfit.


I paired the dress with a simple black clutch, which I got from a local shop here in Switzerland. So I don’t know where you could buy the same one, but I am sure there are a lot of similar clutches in Zara or H&M. The pink nail polish is from essence, one of their “colour and go” ones and I just thought that it would go well with the dress since some gemstones have the same colour.


For my lips I used a light pink lipstick from Kiko. It is a really similar colour as the nail polish and therefore puts the whole look together.
I usually don’t wear that much pink, but I thought that it looked cool and different for a night out.


I didn’t want to spend much time on my hair, so I just made a side parting on the right side of my head and did a small Dutch braid on the left side. After passing my ear I continued as a normal braid and secured it with a clear elastic in the end. Then I just put all of my hair on the other side over my shoulder. This is a very simple hairstyle, but the side braid adds something special without needing much effort. And it also has this girly side while still being cool.


Helenas outfit is more elegant and simple than Caroline’s and is more for a wedding or an elegant daytime party than the first one. The dress is from h&m and consists of a nice flowy fabric, which feels very soft on the skin. It has a band you can tie together in a bow at the waist and a silver detail on the sleeves and the collar.


I really love this dress since it is elegant and grey. Most of my elegant dresses are black and as much as I love black , I really enjoy wearing other colours from time to time. And even though it is not a very happy colour, I still think it is more appropriate for a wedding than black dresses.


For shoes I wore my plain black ballerinas, since I wanted to wear flats and black shoes go with nearly everything.


I didn’t want to wear my hair down so I Dutch braided it from the lowest part of my hair upwards and then created a messy bun on the top of my head. I think this goes well with the outfit, but makes it a bit more casual.

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Pear and Blue Cheese Salad

I (Helena) usually don’t really like salads. They are just boring and sooo healthy… But if I add some stuff, that makes it something a bit more special I really enjoy having salads for lunch if I fancy something light.  I (Caroline) however do eat quite a lot of salads, especially for lunch during the warmer months. Often they tend to get really boring after a while so I am often trying out new recipes. Recently we both found this recipe in a French salad cook book and really loved it, so we wanted to share it with you. The salad is with pears and Gorgonzola and a great alternative.


For four people you will need:

Four big pears
About 400g normal salad
1 Ciabatta (we didn’t have any, so we just took another kind of white bread)
300g of Gorgonzola or any other blue cheese
Some fresh mint leaves

Some fresh oregano

A bit of olive oil
Some herbs of your choice (we used an Italian herbs mixture, but you can essentially use whatever you like)
You can also add some snow peas if you want

For the dressing:
8 tablespoons of olive oil
4 teaspoons of liquid honey
1 tablespoons of lemon juice
Salt and pepper

 In a first step you need to cut the Ciabatta into small cubes (so they fit into your mouth) and sautéed/roasted them gently with some olive oil and the herbs on low heat (the bread is so good so do not eat too much of it, as we did).

Do this in the beginning; because it takes a while to become brown and crispy and this way it will still be warm and delicious when you finished preparing the rest.

Next, cut the pears, salad, Gorgonzola and mint leaves into smaller pieces. And then mix everything together in a big salad bowl.

For the dressing, add the olive oil, honey and lemon juice into a small separate bowl, so you can blend everything together. Then flavour/season the dressing with some salt, pepper and any other herbs/spices you like. 

Now you just need to mix the Ciabatta with all the other ingredients and pour the dressing over the salad and we are done!

We hope you enjoyed this post and feel inspired to try different kinds of salad from time to time! If you try out this recipe, please let us know in the comments whether you liked it!

See you next week

Helena and Caroline